How to Delete Stocktwits Account: Quick & Easy Guide [2023]

StockTwits is an online social media platform designed specifically for investors and traders to share their thoughts and information about stocks and trading ideas. Like many online social platforms, users may decide they no longer want to have an account. If you are looking for a guide on how to delete StockTwits account in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down the step-by-step guide to canceling your account.

What is StockTwits?

Founded by Howard Lindzon and Soren, Stocktwits is a real-time source of information for traders and investors. It’s a place where you can follow your favorite specific stocks, share thoughts, and learn from the Stocktwits community. StockTwits is free, and making an account is a piece of cake, but what if you want to delete it?

Why People Want to Delete Stocktwits Account

Several reasons might compel you to delete your StockTwits account permanently. From privacy concerns, personal data handling, error express issues, or simply moving to other platforms like Stocktwits, this decision can be quite personal.

How to Delete Stocktwits Account – Step-by-Step Guide

Unfortunately, the direct deleting option on Stocktwits is not available. However, the process is still straightforward.

Delete Your Account by Sending an Email

  1. Log into Your Account: Enter your login credentials on the Stocktwits website or the Stocktwits app.
  2. Write an Email: Compose an email to [email protected]. Include your user ID and request to delete your account.
  3. Send the Email: Simply send the email, and Stocktwits’ support team will process your request.
  4. Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email once your StockTwits account will be permanently removed, along with all data associated with your account.

Sample Email

Subject: Time to Say Goodbye – Please Delete My StockTwits Account

Hey StockTwits Team,

It’s me, your profile name, writing from your email. You know, I’ve been mulling things over, and I’ve decided it’s time to hang up my StockTwits hat. My account name (Your profile name XYZ), and my email ID (Your email id XYZ). It’s been fun, but now I want to close this chapter.

So, here’s the thing: Could you be a pal and delete or permanently delete this StockTwits account? I mean, just wipe the slate clean. And hey, while you’re at it, you can get rid of my database and all the information tied to me.

I appreciate your help with this! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Take care, and thanks again,


your profile name

your email

Delete Stocktwits Account Permanently Through Customer Support

  1. Contact the Stocktwits Support Team: If you face any challenges, reach out to the support team for assistance.
  2. Request Account Deletion: Clearly state that you wish to delete your account and provide the necessary information.

How to Delete StockTwits Account Easily Through Website

If you prefer a more direct approach to deleting your StockTwits account without sending emails or contacting support, there’s a simple way to do it right from the StockTwits website. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the StockTwits website: Click on this link to navigate to the main StockTwits page.
  2. Log into Your Account: Enter the login details for the account you wish to delete.
  3. Access the Account Tab: In the top left corner, click on the “Account” tab.
  4. Find the Delete Option: Scroll down, and you’ll find the “Delete Account” button. Click on it.
  5. Confirm Deletion: You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm that you truly want to delete your account.
  6. Finalize the Deletion: Click “Delete Account” one last time to permanently delete your StockTwits account.

This method allows you to delete your account swiftly and without any additional communication with StockTwits support. Please note that once your account is deleted, all associated data will be permanently removed, and there’s no way to reactivate it.

Feel free to follow the visual guide in the video link below for further assistance:

Video Guide

Guide to Canceling Other Data Associated with Stocktwits

Want to also delete tweets and other personal data? Follow the same process mentioned above. The Stocktwits team will delete the account and all data associated from their database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cancel my account directly on the Stocktwits website?

A: No, you must send an email or contact Stocktwits customer support to remove your account.

Q: Will my data be permanently deleted?

A: Yes, once you delete the Stocktwits account, all data is permanently removed.

Q: Can I reactivate my account?

A: No, once deleted, the account and associated data are permanently removed.


Deleting your StockTwits account is not as complex as it might seem. Just follow this guide, and it’ll be a piece of cake. If you understand this guide about how to delete StockTwits account and try our best instructions, the Stocktwits team will delete your account and all associated data in no time.

So whether you’re a trader wanting to take a break or someone concerned about personal data, this guide to canceling your StockTwits account will serve you well. Feel free to share this article with others who might find it useful. Happy trading, or perhaps, happy stepping away from trading!

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